The first thing you should notice when you arrive at our office is an empty or near-empty waiting room. We believe your time here should be spent with me, Dr. Janocik, not with People magazine. A full waiting room is a symptom of inefficiency. At many medical practices patients spend a lot of time in the waiting room, but very little time with their physician. We believe that's exactly backward.

The second thing you should notice is a very small, professional and friendly staff. Our medical assistants are the best in the city at caring for patients. They are also excellent practice administrators.

We use state-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMRs) and practice management systems. Studies show that physicians using EMRs deliver better care. Because your medical record is integrated 
with our practice management, billing, and insurance systems, we can deliver the best medical care more efficiently than any other practice. 

But we did not "computerize" your medical care. Rather, we tamed the burdensome administrative aspects of running a medical practice, so we can spend more time with our patients. 

I went into solo practice for one reason: To deliver the highest level of personal medical care at the highest levels of efficiency and simplicity. We reject the unfortunate trend of packing ever more patients into the schedule to cover the bloated overhead associated with larger group practices.

I value our relationship and am honored and grateful that you have put your trust in me as your physician. 

Susan E. Janocik, MD

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