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Our HIPAA-compliant telehealth software works on either smart phone, tablet, or pc using Google Chrome or Firefox Browser.

  • Select a device that has a camera and a microphone - most smartphones, tablets, and many pcs will work.

  • Download and install either Google Chrome or Firefox browser since Doxy.me telehealth will not work with Microsoft Explorer or Edge.

Before your telehealth appointment with Dr. Janocik, if possible, please record your current:

  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar (if applicable)
  • Confirm your co-pay amount and have debit or credit card ready. 

​Once you have completed the above tasks, proceed with                 Dr. Janocik.  

Office Hours:

In-office hours: by appointment only for qualified patients.

Telehealth Hours:

Monday - Friday
 8:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m. and after hours when Dr. Janocik is available in the virtual wating room